Have you ever heard of camo color treatments? It’s a coloring treatment to transform graying hair into a natural-looking salt and pepper look. It’s not intended to cover all your grays and create a new color (which doesn’t look natural on many men) but instead, it’s a subtle color fade that looks more natural in graying hair. 

Camo coloring treatments are very simple. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes, because you’re not trying to cover all the gray in the hair, just blending it in (get it? Camo color… blending in…) with your naturally frosted hair. Best of all, it can be applied discreetly at the sink, treated quickly, and rinsed for a quick addition to your regular haircut!

The Camo Color Process:

  1. The Camo color is mixed with a cream Cream Developer
  2. The mixture is applied to towel-dried hair using a brush applicator
  3. Your stylist will begin in areas where your hair has the grayest (for many men, the temple area or hairline)
  4. The solution is left to process for 5 minutes (10 minutes for dark shades) 
  5. Your stylist then rinses, shampoos, and conditions your hair. You’re now ready for a fresh cut with your new camo colored hair.

Camo color treatments work best for men with hair that is up to 50% gray. It is available in up to 10 different shades in both natural and ash color families. Camo coloring treatments can give you a low-maintenance, subtle color shift and natural-looking salt and pepper look. 

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